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Nick Graham

Community and Operations Weaver, NOW Partners & Transformations Community. Co-Founder, The Weaving Lab. Author of Future Skills for the 2020s. Former GM, VF Corp.

Nick is a nine-time startup and NGO founder with a passion for weaving impact communities. After a corporate career building international businesses for Nike, Carhartt and VF Corp, Nick switched focus over the past decade to nurturing communities and ecosystems as the new paradigm of regenerative growth.

As the Community and Operations Weaver at Transformations Community, he brings together action-researchers and practitioners focused on positive sustainability transformations. Nick has a similar role at NOW Partners and Future Economy Forum, convening business and policy leaders to advance a regenerative economic mainstream.

He is Co-Founder of The Weaving Lab, a community of system change practitioners, and Lead Author of Future Skills for the 2020s.

His in-depth experience founding startups revealed to him just how critical authentic communication skills are and led him to become a Pitch Coach for executives, entrepreneurs and event managers.

He is passionate about the emergence of people-powered communities and ecosystems, and thrives in the practice of interconnecting people, projects and places in synergistic and meaningful ways.

Nick combines deep compassion with effective action, building communities and facilitating purposeful relationships that enhance the wellbeing of self, society and nature.