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Marise Barroso

38 years executive experience, 10 years as a Board Member. Expertise in marketing, sales, new business development, sustainability, digital transformation and general management. Owner of MRB Consultoria. Elected one of 46 women in Brazil who translate the real meaning of female empowerment. 

Marise has 38 years of executive experience in Marketing, Sales, New Business Development, Sustainability, and General Management, developing her career in international companies in several segments: retail, technology, consumer goods, civil construction, media, and services.

Her last executive position was Vice President of Marketing for AVON and her previous positions were President of Masisa Brazil, President of Grupo Mexichem (Amanco) in the Southern Cone – Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, Corporate Director of Marketing for Grupo Amanco in Latin America, Marketing and Sales Director for AOL Brasil, Marketing Director for Grupo Casino in Venezuela and Marketing Director for Cisneros Companies in Venezuela.

During her many years of executive experience, Marise built an impressive reputation as a highly successful female CEO who was twice named one of the 10 Best Business Managers in Brazil. Her wide success is due in large part to her firm belief in the importance of relationships and human beings as an essential component of the value chain of any company or organization. As a CEO she represents a new paradigm of leadership, one that sees investment in people as the key to high performance. 

Marise has also focused her efforts as a CEO towards filling 50% of top leadership positions with women in order to increase performance and bring gender equality to a traditionally male-dominated industry. She has an impressive ability to integrate female and male qualities into a truly innovative leadership style, placing value on all human beings as having both feminine and masculine qualities and promoting a sense of balance between the professional and personal lives of the workforce.

Marise believes that leaders who really care about their value chain can positively impact society and the world. 

Currently, Marise serves as a Board Member at Grupo Marelli, Docile Alimentos, Amata Brasil, Prática Klimaquip, Artecola Química and DM Card and is also the owner of MRB Consultoria.

Marise has a degree in Social Communication from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, a Master’s in Business Administration from the Metropolitan University (Venezuela), a postgraduate degree in Retail at the Babson School (USA) and a specialization in Marketing from the Wharton School (USA).  In 2011 and 2014, she was elected by Valor Economico newspaper, in partnership with Egon Zehnder International, as one of the 10 Best Business Managers in Brazil and, in 2016, she was elected by Forbes Brasil Magazine as one of 46 Brazilian women who translate the real meaning of female empowerment.