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Marcello Palazzi

NOW Co-founder and Global Ambassador. Impact entrepreneur, economist and visionary for human progress. 35 years global experience focused on Better Economies, Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for public good. Has led and co-led 25 successful ventures across the highest levels of business, civil society, finance, government, philanthropy and academia. 

Marcello brings decades of leadership and collaborative experience developing ventures, projects and initiatives in the roles of entrepreneur, strategist, foreign policy professional, investor, diplomat and educator. He brings foresight, vision, leadership, intelligence, innovation, creativity and energy to meet challenges with entrepreneurial action. Marcello is committed to ethical values and principles. He has a capacity to shift from high strategy to low implementation and has global contacts with some 50,000 conscious leaders around the world.

Marcello began as an entrepreneur (age 23) in family business Marton Products Ltd and Deneb Laboratori Chimici. Co-founder of The Progressio Foundation, The Social Venture Network Europe, The New Academy of Business. His other ventures & roles include: entrepreneur (Andromeda Fund, ResponsAbility AG, Rabo-Robeco Sustainability Fund, Tällberg Forum, Springtij Festival), policy-maker (Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, city of Bremen), educator (Univ. of Buckingham, Erasmus, New Academy of Business), investor (Humanica, B Lab Europe), diplomat partnering with UN agencies, fund-procurer (State of the World Forum, Tällberg Foundation), strategist (SNV, Enterprise Stiftung, FMO, FSG Social Impact), ethicist (Spirit in Business, Dalai Lama), property developer (London & Amsterdam), ‘politician’ as elected President of the Student Union.

Marcello is currently Global Ambassador for the B Corp Movement, chairman of SIX, the worldwide social innovation exchange, co-chair of the Trustees at Global Academy Foundation in San Francisco, co-chair of the Avalon Foundation in the Netherlands, board member of Foundations 3.0 in Brussels and board member of IMECE in Istanbul.

Marcello sees NOW Partners and the overall regenerative economy initiative as the logical extension of his passion and commitment to launching and leading B Corps in Europe. His vision and focus goes beyond B Corp certification to connect, engage and inspire firms at the vanguard of the global B Movement towards a truly regenerative economy that serves humanity and the planet.

Marcello holds a BSc, MSc and MBa from Alma Maters including Stanford University, Harvard University, LSE, LBS, Erasmus Rotterdam and the University of Buckingham. Marcello grew up in Northern Italy, Switzerland and the UK, lived in London until 1993 and has resided in the Netherlands since then. He has been happily married for 35 years and is a proud father of three adult children.