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Leonardo Andrade

Professional consultant and coach. Associate Director Housidea Social Innovation Hub. More than 15 years experience as owner/partner of boutique consulting companies. Expert in Strategy Planning and Execution and Development of Data Driven and Customer Centric Cultures.

Through his experience as a seasoned consultant and coach, Leonardo brings flexibility to adjust and design interventions depending on his client’s needs and individual culture. He is skilled at integrating Human Development, Organizational Culture, and Mindfulness skills into practical work. 

Leonardo comes from a financial and statistics background with a highly skilled eye for identifying patterns and behaviors through numbers. He has owned and partnered with boutique consulting companies for over 15 years. His clients have included banks, IT, telecom, cargo shipping companies, auto manufacturers and suppliers, NGOs and government agencies. 

His expertise centers on Strategy Planning and Execution, Development of Data-Driven and Customer-Centric Cultures, and support to Operational Excellence areas, based on a wide range of tools and methods, such as U-Theory, LeanSigma, Agile Projects, and Ontological Coaching.

As Associate Director of Housidea, his work focuses on the incubation and mentorship of entrepreneurs to develop robust businesses that are aligned with their purpose using the integration of U-Theory with Business Model Generation Canvas. He concentrates his work in the areas of environment, education, health, and food. 

Leonardo was Associate Director at Anova between 2003 -2015 and is currently Strategic Partner. Clients include Itaú-Unibanco Microsoft, HP, 3M, Banco Votorantim, Ge Power, BTP Port Terminals. 

He was Latin America Co-Director 2017-2019 at Global Academy Foundation. There he was responsible for building Activation Networks, Customized Innovation Programs, Team Building and Culture Awareness Workshops. 

Leonardo is skilled at and passionate about combining statistics and psychology in his work as a consultant and coach. For Leonardo, the support of each individual’s goals and priorities on a human level is just as important as methods and processes. 

Leonardo has a BS and MS in Statistics from the University of Campinas. He is an SDI Certified Instructor at Personal Strengths, Inc, and a Certified Ontological Coach.