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It is with great sadness that we share the passing of John Naisbitt. John was both a close friend, a long time partner and overall a trailblazer, whose work and inspiration played an important role first in the founding of our foundation and then in NOW Partners. His presence and innovative approach maintain a key place in NOW Partners’ work to accelerate the transition of business and economy to a new logic that regenerates people and planet.

We are very happy to continue our partnership with Doris Naisbitt, who was not only John’s beloved wife but his very close work partner in co-creating several books and countless speeches and projects. The two of them modeled how a partnership of diverse equals becomes much more creative and productive.

John Naisbitt was author of #1 New York Times International bestseller, Megatrends and numerous other bestsellers on global, social/economic developments and political analyst. He held 21 honorary doctor degrees and professorships. Founder of the Naisbitt China Institute.

In his early career John Naisbitt was an executive at Kodak and IBM. Age 34 he was appointed assistant secretary of education to President John Kennedy. After the president’s assassination he was special assistant to President Lyndon Johnson. Urged by the social and racial turbulence in America’s cities, John began an analysis of the social economic and political developments in the US, which led to publishing # 1 New York Times bestseller Megatrends in 1982.

Megatrends put John in the limelight of the publishing world and the global speakers circle. As a New York Times number one bestseller for almost two years, it was one of publishing’s greatest success stories, selling more than 14 million copies in 57 countries. The Wall Street Journal called John Naisbitt’s work “triumphantly useful…taking bearings in all directions and giving us the courage to do the same.”

Megatrends was followed by international bestsellers Re-inventing the Corporation in 1985, Megatrends 2000 in 1990, Global Paradox 1992, Megatrends Asia 1995, High Tech High Touch, 1999 and MindSet! in 2006.

After working together as publisher and author from 1995 to 2000, John Naisbitt and Doris Naisbitt, his former German language publisher, married in 2000 and began their collaboration as co-authors. Beginning with Megatrends China in 2010, they started a series of books on China’s social/economic and cultural development. Together, they spoke to audiences in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the US and appeared on many television programs, written for first-tier publications, and addressed numerous government and policymaking institutions.

John was an adviser on agricultural development to the royal government of Thailand, former visiting fellow at Harvard University, visiting professor at Moscow State University, faculty member at Nanjing University in China, distinguished International Fellow at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies, Malaysia (the first non-Asian to hold this appointment), professor at Nankai University, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, and a member of the advisory Board of the Asia Business School, Tianjin.