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Helle Bank Jorgensen

CEO of Competent Boards. Globally recognized sustainability, climate change, and strategic ESG advisor. Close to 30 years experience helping global companies and investors such as IKEA, Nike, Shell, Unilever, Novo Nordisk, and Vestas. 

Helle’s unique expertise comes from her background and training as a business lawyer and state-authorized public accountant, combined with her passion for sustainability. She has decades of experience helping global companies and investors turn sustainability into strong financial results.

She is the CEO of Competent Boards, which offers the global online ESG Competent Boards Certificate Program a faculty of over 95 renowned global board members; executives and experts. Helle is a strategic, as well as operational, ESG advisor to boards, executives, and investors. As an experienced board facilitator and board member, she serves on His Royal Highness Prince of Wales A4S (Accounting for Sustainability) Global Expert Panel as well as WBCSD Governance & Internal Oversight High-Level Advisory Group.

Helle was the creator of the world’s first Green Account based on life cycle assessment, as well as the world’s first Integrated Report and the first holistic responsible supply chain program. She received the 2019 Clean50 award. 

As a pioneer in corporate responsibility and sought-after international strategic advisor, Helle is dedicated to embedding sustainability into business operations and functions. 

Helle has written numerous thought leader pieces, is a keynote speaker, and is interviewed by global media outlets. Before starting her own company, she was a partner at PwC for 11 years building and leading sustainability practices in Denmark and the US and building the Canadian chapter of the UN Global Compact.