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Elliot Hoffman

Founder and CEO, REV. Business and community leader for over 3 decades. Pioneer in sustainable business. An early leader in the socially responsible business movement. Previously CEO and Co-founder of Just Desserts.

Elliot has years of experience as a business and community leader in the San Francisco Bay area. As Founder and CEO of REV, he is committed to bringing the power and creativity of business, spirit, and community to address the core challenges and opportunities of our time and empowering communities of businesses towards positive change.

Elliot established the well-loved, household brand Just Desserts in 1974, growing it from a small neighborhood cafe to a highly respected brand with nationwide retailers including Whole Foods. He used this experience to show how environmentally sustainable practices and community engagement are not only beneficial to business, but also have the power to compel impactful, positive change.

In 2004 Elliot joined the board of directors of the Presidio School of Management, the first MBA program in the U.S. to offer an MBA in sustainable business management. From 2007-2010, Elliot chaired that board.

In 2004 Elliot also co-founded and lead New Voice of Business (NVOB), a business policy and advocacy organization that played a major role in helping pass the California Solar Initiative. The NVOB then helped to pass another landmark policy in California – AB 32: The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Today, AB32 remains the most significant climate change policy in the U.S.

In 2012 Elliot founded REV, and In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown chose REV for the GEELA Award – (Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award), the top environmental and economic recognition in California.

The REV team works with nearly 400 companies, communities, and spiritually-based organizations to bring together leaders and grassroots in an essential and genuine collaboration. REV’s Sustainability Circle Program brings together regional communities of small to midsize businesses, municipalities, divisions of large companies and institutions for a 6-month peer-learning experience that helps them embed sustainability practices into their organizations. Clients include Dolby, Siemens, Pixar, Hilton, HSBC and Kaiser Permanente among many others on an impressive list.

Elliot is driven by an intense and passionate belief in community and collaboration. He believes that the enormous challenges we are facing today are only exceeded by the great opportunities right in front of us, right now. Elliot is dedicated to working together and in deep spirit with partners and colleagues with the understanding and commitments to design, create and build the future for all generations to come.

Elliot met his love, Gail Horvath, in a mountain climbing adventure at “Lovers Leap” in California’s Eldorado National Forest in1973 and they have been deeply in love ever since. Their two amazing children – Miles and Joanna – are both committed to the core values that support the well-being of life and the natural world. They have recently welcomed their first grandchild – a new hope for the future. She was born on August 6, 2019, a very healthy and happy Madeline Nguyen Hoffman. She will very likely see the hands of the clock move to 12:01AM, January 1, 2100.