Towards a regenerative economy

As leaders and advisors, our global partners have empowered the transition and transformation of many of the world’s most respected and successful corporations, private and public sector institutions. The following examples offer a glimpse into how we support them to discover and implement solutions that optimize their specific integration of positive impact and economic success. In our Services sections you can find such examples paired with descriptions of our mutually reinforcing services for leaders, companies and systems institutions.

    Fundamental transformation

    Helping Orbia’s new head of Circularity and Regeneration to develop his vision and approach to supporting the transformation of this global industrial group that after decades of mainstream business success committed itself to become one of the world’s most regenerative companies, advancing regenerative agriculture and circular use of water and materials throughout its value chain.

    Philips 2025 Vision

    As part of developing Philips’ 2025 Sustainability Vision, provided eight of NOW’s sustainability leaders from around the world to give feedback and engage in dynamic co-creation dialogs that generated ground-breaking insights, expanded and sharpened the Vision. Further enhanced that international, multi-sector ‘outside-in input’ by interviewing and synthesizing the input of inspiring CEOs and other top experts.

    Serving 3 billion by 2030

    Supporting Philips to serve billions of people as a sustainable healthcare innovation leader. Helping to concretize this corporate purpose in the 2025 vision that unifies the health of people and planet, invites 80,000 employees to live their personal purpose and empowers 50,000 suppliers to move towards Regenerative Value Creation.

    Economic Spring in Prague

    When the EU’s ex-communist member states struggled to develop democracies and new economic approaches, a NOW partner co-hosted with President Vaclav Havel a conference that integrated market entrepreneurship with social and environmental responsibility. Many of the world’s sustainable business and political leaders were inspired by the historic poignancy and deep immersion in nature, art, music and lived humanity.

“I have grandchildren. I just don’t want to face those beautiful eyes, asking me: what have you done?”

Christine Lagarde

Head European Central Bank, Ex-head IMF

    First Sustainable MBA

    Already 15 years ago, our partners created and taught the USA’s first fully accredited MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio in San Francisco. Integrated sustainability and transformative leadership development into every course. Advised governments around the world on business education reform. Inspired major US and international universities to move towards regenerative, inclusive, all stakeholder orientation in their curricula.

    First Sustainable MBA

    Our partners created, led and taught the USA’s first fully accredited MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio in San Francisco. Integrating sustainability and transformative leadership development into every course. Inspired major US and international universities to move towards regenerative and all stakeholder orientation in their curricula.

    Humanizing Ecosystems

    Our partners co-designed and facilitated sustained program that transformed relationships across value chain and wider ecosystem. Humanizing interactions with customers, civil society activists and other stakeholders generated priceless insight, made relationships more real and resilient and created brand equity and marketing impact that can’t be achieved through traditional PR and marketing campaigns.

    Empowering Activists to help us

    A NOW partner trained the leadership team of STAND (ex-ForestEthics) that was co-created by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and similar NGOs to motivate corporations and governments to protect by now 75 million acres of virgin forests, its communities and the climate. 3M’s CEO: STAND’s intervention was one of the best things that happened to our company.

    Culture eats strategy for breakfast

    To empower Tata Communications groundbreaking strategy shift from being an Indian product and service company to becoming a top global solution provider that today empowers many tech industry leaders, we coached the CEO and his global team, helped to align leadership and culture development, including hiring criteria, career paths, KPIs and incentives.

    Reinventing Banking

    Our partners co-created with CEO & board a 2-year program for top leaders of Triodos, a B Corp and Europe’s top sustainability bank and investment fund group. To refine leaders’ and bank’s purpose, re-envision strategy, business models, culture and global financial system integrated deep nature and diverse communities immersion, coaching, top expert engagement with hands-on work initiatives.

“As we come out of crisis, we must not hold onto yesterday’s economy as we rebuild. We must boldly use this opportunity to build a modern, clean and healthy economy, which secures the livelihoods of the next generation.”

Ursula von der Leyen

President of the European Commission

    The future now

    Co-designing and co-leading transformation program for 120 CEOs and core function leaders of global conglomerate to generate competitive advantage & integrated value creation, adapted to diverse global contexts. Integrating core vision and strategy with innovating regenerative business models, products, leadership, stakeholder relationships and system impacts.

    Integral Leadership Architecture

    As Unilever’s Global Head of Leadership and Learning, a NOW partner led integral leadership and organizational transformation architecture for “Path to Growth”, Vitality brand renewal, Growth Journeys, Diversity & Inclusion, Bottom of Pyramid and Leadership Centre Renewal to help position Unilever as a globally acclaimed sustainability leader attracting now 2 million job applications annually.

    Design Thinking & U Process

    Our partners helped to enhance these and other methods’ impact by integrating hands-on business experience with personal development approaches to deepen listening and insight generation, connect with inspiration in nature and diverse communities, disempower resistance to change and speed up application in rapid prototyping to generate meaningful innovation and transformation.

    U Process Peers

    Our partners helped to develop and facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration for U Process corporate programs and for MOOCs (massive online open courses) that supported participants from around the world and across many sectors to innovate and implement solutions for some of humanity’s most pressing challenges and opportunities in business, economy, civil society and the public sector.


    Co-created task force advising Pope and other Vatican leaders on regenerative business, future of work, climate solutions, Covid crisis, financial stimulus packages. Creating action-oriented round tables with CEOs, other sector leaders on integrating business and values. Exploring how to motivate millions of Christian business leaders to put Pope’s Laudato Si teachings into business.

    Future Generations Legislation

    Played key role in creating Welsh Government’s Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. Acknowledged by UN as leading the world in integrated approaches that make sustainable development the responsibility of every public sector organisation. Create legal obligation to deliver on sustainability and justice. Provides platform for country-scale change in government, civic institutions and business.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Architect & Systems Theorist