Towards a regenerative economy

As leaders and advisors, our global partners have empowered the transition and transformation of many of the world’s most respected and successful corporations, private and public sector institutions. The following examples offer a glimpse into how we support them to discover and implement solutions that optimize their specific integration of positive impact and economic success. In our Services sections you can find such examples paired with descriptions of our mutually reinforcing services for leaders, companies and systems institutions.

    Introducing Sustainable Business

    At the UN Global Habitat Summit, our partners hosted the first sustainable business conference. Provided 3-hour briefing to UN General Assembly members, many of whom had never encountered concrete business cases of sustainable economic development. Briefed national delegations and supported inclusion of sustainable business standards in UN’s Global Plan for Action.

    Financing System Change

    As part of advising three consecutive CEOs and other top executives of FMO, The Netherlands’ global development bank, our partners led scenario processes for Executive Board to foresee and implement in business and economies around the world the potential of integrating sustainability with social and economic development.

“Take risks, have courage, and let’s make a better world together.”

Rose Marcario

Former CEO, Patagonia

    DEI & Innovation

    For German Marshall Fund, a NOW partner co-designed and delivered several multi-year diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs for transatlantic cooperation and local innovation. For regional bank, assessed and developed organization-wide DEI strategy, integrated diversity-inspired innovation drive and client engagement.

    Integrated Bottom line

    NOW is founding an innovation and action-oriented consortium of cutting-edge corporate leaders, academic researchers, measurement and regeneration experts to co-create new approaches to innovate, implement and measure Regenerative Value Creation’s mutually enhancing impact on all aspects of business performance and the regeneration of people, societies and ecosystems – transforming regeneration expenses from costs to control into investments to optimize.

    Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs

    A NOW partner founded & led Global Youth Innovation Network: 6,000 members, 100 countries, 200 public, private, civic sector partners. Via CORY consortium strengthened capacities of 43,000 West and Central African rural youth entrepreneurs who launched 480 rural youth enterprises. Via CEEYAFS provided 10,000 young rural entrepreneurs in East Africa with startup capital.

    New Era of Success

    Our partners worked with all levels and functions of Levi Strauss to revitalize weakened brand relevance in Europe and develop totally new value channel brands that became the fastest growing, value creating part of the USA business. Integrated brand approach included breakthrough innovations in products, brand building, store design and operations.

    Empowering your Ecosystem

    Supporting Marae, Guilherme Leal’s holding of stakes in Natura & Co, other industrial, real estate, asset management and impact investment companies, his foundation and engagement in diverse civic impact alliances. Co-created vision and strategy, facilitated leadership development, generating deep personal relationships and mutually enhancing professional interactions that enhance economic success and positive system impact.

    Solutions Inspired by Nature

    In an international leadership and innovation program, our partners facilitated a deep nature retreat in Brazil and spent a day with acclaimed regenerative agriculture leader Leontino Balbo whose company Native produces 30% of the world’s organic cane sugar with nature-inspired methods that make his monocrop fields more bio-diverse than the surrounding forests.

“I believe that companies are – above all – agents of transformation.”

Guilherme Leal

Co-founder, Natura & Co

    Naisbitt China Institute

    Based on their highly effective Mega Trend methodology, our partners founded an institute for in-depth analysis of China’s socio-economic, political and cultural trends within global context. Research conducted in key Chinese cities with diverse communities of business and government leaders, citizens and youth. Published several China specific books, local articles and interviews. Professorships at top Chinese universities.

    Global B Corp Leader

    Our partners supported Natura, the world’s most admired multinational B Corp group that includes The Body Shop and AVON to develop of their 2030 B Vision, which guides core strategy implementation to regenerate nature and communities, empowers staff and 7 million distributors to live their purpose and advance system change towards a regenerative economy.

    Instituto Natura

    Supporting leadership and strategy development of this corporate foundation, which plays key change role in Latin American education systems. Complementing Natura & Co’s professional training and finance support, it empowers the personal development of Natura’s 1.7 million direct distributors, inviting these micro-entrepreneurs to live their purpose and be a force for good.

    Profitable & Regenerative Solutions

    A NOW partner co-authored Natural Capitalism and many more books, co-created two of the world’s leading institutes on regenerative energy, materiality and technology, and advises global corporations, multilateral institutions and governments on how to implement carbon and other materials neutrality and move beyond it towards systems regeneration.

    Natural Capitalism and Megatrends

    Our partners developed a ground-breaking trend methodology, coined the term Megatrends and authored 12 books that accurately predicted key developments in business and society. Another partner co-authored Natural Capitalism, that became an inspiring and yet highly pragmatic ‘bible’ for many of today’s most sustainable businesses and public sector institutions.

    Synergetic Integration

    Our partners supported Natura & Co, one of the most regeneration-oriented multinationals to develop its 2030 Vision. It integrates resilient economic success with positive impact on its people, social and ecosystems. This unifying vision is foundational for the group’s core strategy, culture transformation, innovation, value chain, brand, marketing, finance and wider system engagement.

“Economics is not a matter of discovering laws: it is essentially a question of design.”

Kate Raworth

Author, Doughnut Economics

    Consortium on Regenerative Value Creation

    Integrating three decades of experience with these mutually enhancing economic approaches, NOW is founding an innovation and action-oriented consortium of cutting-edge corporate leaders, academic researchers, measurement and regeneration experts to co-create new approaches to innovate, implement and measure Regenerative Value Creation’s mutually enhancing impact on all aspects of business performance and the regeneration of people, societies and ecosystems.

    Regenerative Value Creation

    Integrating the learnings from our mutually enhancing approaches, NOW’s partners are working with clients around the world to develop Regenerative Value Creation for companies, economies and societies that equitably benefit all stakeholders, including investors and Nature. It is not enough to do a few good things. We need a new DNA, a new system logic that naturally leads to regeneration before it is too late.