Year-long Innovation Labs

NOW Partners teams up with ISPO, the world’s largest sports and outdoor industry fair to offer a wide range of innovation, transition and transformation services to companies globally in this and other industries.

The ISPO + NOW Partners year-long Innovation LABS will be offered to:

  • Individual companies that want support with innovation and implementation challenges and opportunities.
  • Pre-competitive groups of companies within and across industries that together address topics of common concern to benefit from mutually reinforcing creativity and joint impact.

The Innovation LABS can be complemented by:

  • Advisory services for individual companies to individualize, deepen or otherwise complement the collective work done in shared labs.
  • Leadership development programs that evolve individual leaders, their teams and overall corporate capacity and culture to implement the LABS’ innovation results.

Participants, Team,
Format & Process


  • The number of participants depends on the specific needs of the LAB. They always include senior leaders who have the authority to make significant decisions or have direct access to those who do.
  • Typically, in house LABS would include representatives from several departments, for example for a Supply Chain LAB not only from that department but also from other key business functions finance, marketing and sustainability so that innovation can benefit from these diverse stakeholder perspectives.
  • Pre-competitive LABS within or across industries would also include representatives of diverse business functions but in smaller numbers so that the LAB group doesn’t grow much beyond 30 participants.

Innovation Lab TEAM
The team for each of our Innovation Labs will be composed of:

  • Partners of NOW Partners, see details here.
  • World leading topic experts from our extensive networks and suggested by you.
  • Successful business leaders who mastered similar challenges and opportunities.
  • Yourselves – because nobody knows your company and industry segment better.

Innovation Lab FORMAT
Typically, our individually designed Labs will include:

  • Several in-person sessions, often aligned with Munich fair schedules
  • Zoom working sessions with the whole and sub-groups
  • A virtual interaction platform to work on topics and projects
  • Webinars with leading experts
  • Optional in-person Learning Journeys that support your specific needs
  • Virtual Learning Journeys that facilitate travel-free global learning
  • A web platform for relevant written and multi-media contents

Innovation Lab PROCESS
NOW Partners teams are experts in facilitating processes that integrate the discovery of cutting edge knowledge with individual and collective creative processes that lead to innovation and its implementation adapted to diverse context. 

Innovation Lab Topics

In 2023 and beyond NOW Partners offers Innovation Labs on the following topics. Some of these topics are already being discussed in our Master Classes, see schedule from ISPO MUNICH 2022 here. We are also open to design together with you Labs on additional topics. These Labs will help you discover what other companies are doing and find your solution.

Covid and the war in Ukraine revealed that efficiency needs to be integrated with resilience. The climate and other natural and human crises point to the need and opportunity to make supply chains also sustainable, integrating business success with the regeneration of people and planet. In the Innovation Lab you will learn from best-in-class approaches and examples to find your own solution

Research reveals that more and more consumers want to buy sustainable products. Yet much fewer turn these good intentions into concrete purchases. Rather than complaining about these inconsistencies, this Innovation Lab will help you to discover how to close this gap between intention and action by initiatives of individual and collective industry and policy activities. 

The US federal government just published a directive which excludes companies that don’t have a climate neutral policy from lucrative public purchasing. This points to a mega trend among clients, talent and finance partners. In this Innovation Lab we will explore how to reduce your carbon foot print and balance the remainder through other activities.

Regulators, clients, talent and finance partners expect companies to become not only neutral in regard to the climate but also all other material inputs. In the Innovation Lab you will learn how other companies created business success through circularity and explore how you can integrate financial benefit with positive impact.

New EU government and US stock exchange regulations combined with quickly accelerating mega trends in investment, banking and M&A create risks for business as usual but also opportunities for companies that align themselves with these unavoidable trends by learning how to build business success through positive impact.

Around the world 12,000 companies are Benefit Corporations. They legally commit to serve all stakeholders. 5,000 of them are independently certified B Corps. They include Patagonia, Danone, Natura and The Body Shop. We will support you to consider WHETHER you want and HOW you can become a B Corp.

Sports activities and other health and climate friendly policies would benefit from a much stronger Sports industry voice. What should such Lobbying for Good efforts focus on? And what can we learn from successful lobbying efforts around the world that have effectively advanced health and climate related policies? 

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