inno labs:
navigating the future together

Our companies face historic challenges and opportunities. Many aspects of our business context are changing ever more rapidly. As leaders, we need find solutions for multiple crises. To outperform, we also need to recognize new business opportunities across our supply and value chains to adapt to evolving market trends and upcoming regulations.

NOW Partners sees unprecedented business opportunities to integrate growth and positive impact.

Rather than opposing each other, growing our business and having positive impact on people and planet can become mutually reinforcing. We call this Regenerative Value Creation.

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innovative solutions,
born in community

Experience shows that innovative solutions are most successfully born in community. As a community of leaders representing diverse industries, we can discover and test multiple solutions to then decide what best fits our company’s needs.

ISPO & NOW Partners’ inno labs help you to discover & seize the Regenerative Value Creation potential in your industry. Join one of the following inno labs or suggest another topic:

  • Regenerative Supply Chains
  • Engaging Value-driven Consumers
  • Profitable Climate Solutions
  • Profitable Circularity Solutions
  • Why and How to become a B Corp
  • ESG Finance and Regulations
  • Attracting and Keeping Talent
  • AI, Robotics & Digitalization
  • Lobby for Regenerative Policies

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