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More than 25 years of value creation through M&A, strategic partnership, venture investing and post-merger integration for corporate transformation. CEO of Volunteer Vision. Previously Vice President of Global Alliances, Partnerships and Venture for Philips.

Moneshia brings a background in corporate leadership with more than 25 years in the technology industry as an M&A partnership and venture investment executive. She is focused on a human centric approach to business growth, seeing culture and change as a force for creating sustainable, inclusive and diverse organizations with a higher social impact and business value. 

Her most recent positions include Vice President of Global Alliances, Partnerships and Venture for Philips and Director of Corporate M&A for Watson, AI, Software and Services at IBM. 

Moneshia was responsible for the integration strategy and performance monitoring of over 60 acquisitions and divestitures into IBM, resulting in a patented end to the post-merger integration approach. 

Prior to focusing on Corporate Development, Moneshia worked in several disciplines including Management Consulting, Country Competitiveness Benchmarking and field research at Monitor/Deloitte in Venezuela, Japan and South Africa. 

Since moving to Munich, Germany in 2018, she serves as interim-CEO at software as a service platform, Volunteer Vision. Their award-winning approach matches and trains professionals for leadership development with globally scalable guided mentorship and provides measurable KPIs on talent retention and societal impact. 

Moneshia also founded toAccompany, a consultancy that uses design thinking to engage clients in transition as a Force for Good. Recent forums include Tech for Good, Reducing Food Waste, Sustainability/ESG and elevating the Employee Experience. She is a recognized expert in multi-stakeholder dialogue at the intersection of policy, business and individual action such as Fintech and Board Diversity.

Moneshia is passionate about connecting people in meaningful ways and collaborating to create solutions for complex problems. She believes we must shift from a zero-sum game approach, to a networked view of value creation by serving others and inclusively developing diverse capacities from the bottom up. 

Moneshia holds a B.A in Economics from Smith College, USA and an MBA from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania and product development credit from INSEAD Fontainebleau, France. 

She has two daughters and is active in youth empowerment and world citizenship capacity development, inspired by Baha’i principles.