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Hein Dijksterhuis

Executive coach, strategy consultant, psychologist, author, world champion in sailing. Hein is an expert in creating the conditions for transformation to happen on a personal, organizational and systems level. He supports the top-teams of private and public organizations in their journey to become a force for good. Hein is a specialist in facilitating the U-process to find new meaningful solutions to challenges and creating high-performance teams.

After completing his studies in clinical and organizational psychology, Hein embarked on a double career. He co-founded Cordes Management & Development Consultants and with the revenues funded his other passion: regatta sailing. He designed and facilitated project management and leadership courses for ABN AMRO, the City of Amsterdam, ING, KLM, Philips, the Red Cross Hospital, Schiphol Airport, and many more. His free time was spent sailing the two-person Flying Dutchman dinghy. Through his experience as a World Champion in sailing, Hein has witnessed the strength, presence, and capabilities of a high-performance team.

Keen to add value to the world, Hein decided to focus entirely on his career as a management consultant and coach. He learned from and worked with Joseph Jaworski, Arthur Zajonc and the Presencing Institute of Otto Scharmer, MIT Boston.

Over 10 years he specialized in Theory U and co-facilitated the 2-year masterclass with Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge, Ed Schein among others, for 80 changemakers from all over the world. He organized large conferences and wrote two books about his experiences in applying the U-process in organizational transformation projects: “Coming into Presence” and “I am back with Love”.

For five years during the financial crisis, he supported the ethical Triodos Bank with its strategy development and designed and delivered a 2-year “Visionary Leadership Program” for their next-generation leaders. The bank was awarded “the most sustainable bank in the world.”

Hein became a lecturer at Nyenrode Business University and worked a.o. for DSM, LyondellBasel, Natuurmonumenten, Sandvik, the VU Medical Center, the Dutch Tax Authorities. He co-founded and initiated the Health Innovation Lab in which 100 healthcare providers and patients worked on a patient-centered health-care environment. An integral part of his work is having diverse stakeholders listen to each other with an open mind, heart and will, in the knowledge that the right action will emerge.

His expertise in Theory U and certain physical ailments lead him to an increased interest in meditation and Buddhism. He had the rare opportunity to lead, together with Dr. Ariyaratne -the Gandhi of Sri Lanka- and Walter (Link), workshops for 2000 people in a former warzone in Sri Lanka. People who just a few months earlier were at war, were able to dialogue with each other about their shared future and build plans to regenerate their country and leadership. Alongside Dr. Ariyaratne, Hein further developed his meditation skills while supporting Sarvodaya in (re-)building the country.

As partner of the Global Leaders Academy (London), Hein is coaching the top-teams and individuals of public and private organizations like ABN AMRO, the Presidents of the Dutch Courts, ICS, Rabobank, the Tax Authorities, Unilever. With his colleague Sue Cheshire, he organizes CEO-learning-circles for C-suite executives from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Together with the world’s forerunning thought-leaders, they inquire into themes such as ‘Increasing resilience in times of disruption’ and ‘Synthesizing nature, technology, and humanity.’ Their approach enriches both the lives of members involved as well as the lives of those within the systems they touch, to make a positive difference and impact in the world.

Hein is the Non-executive Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ‘Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts’ the university for people with true talent, no matter their background, and Founder of ‘Passion for Performance’ – where he delivers workshops and presentations with the Dutch Olympic sailors for multiple organizations.

The revenues flow into the Olympic campaigns of the athletes.
Hein enjoys the focus on excellence and continuous improvement present in the attitude of both the performing arts students and the sailors.
He wrote the book ‘Passion for Performance’ about their Olympic campaigns and what leaders can learn from them.

He is a HeartMath trainer and coach and supports people in building their resilience through biofeedback.

Hein is passionate about co-creating a more sustainable, regenerative society and economy through awakening the potential of today’s leaders to inspired, compassionate action. As a former world champion sailing, he knows that people are capable of more than they ever dare to imagine.
He lives in the Netherlands and is married with two children. Alma maters include Harvard, The Free University of Amsterdam and Portsmouth University, UK.