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    IBA Worldwide announces B Corp Certification

    NOW Partners’ Co-founder and Global Ambassador, Marcello Palazzi, speaks at Euronext in Brussels as IBA Worldwide announces their B Corp Certification.

  2. FIWARE Deep Dive: Climate, Green & Circular Economy

    How can sustainability and climate action be driven, cross-industry, with an unprecedented open source approach? NOW Partners’ Monica A. Altamirano, PhD, delivers a keynote address at the upcoming FIWARE Smart Fest session, “Deep Dive: Climate, Green & Circular Economy.”

  3. Amazonia Rising: Investing in the Amazon

    NOW Partners’ Co-founder and CEO Walter Link joins the Amazon Investor Coalition to speak at the event, Amazonia Rising, A Global Summit on Investing in the Amazon. Walter Link will host the session: ‘Natura & Native: How Regenerative Business can protect the Amazon and empower its people.’

  4. Social Impact Day by Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation

    NOW Partners’ Managing Partner Tom Cummings joins the Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation at the Imperial College Business School as a keynote speaker for Social Impact Day. As a keynote speaker alongside Paul Polman, Imagine, and Sydney Price, The Knew Purpose, Tom joins an inspired group of speakers and panel members. He will speak about ‘Future Proofing Leadership.’

  5. SIX Global Dialogue

    NOW Partners‘ Co-founder and Global Ambassador Marcello Palazzi joins David Yeung, Ada Wong and Louise Pulford for a dialogue that explores the role of business in society, via perspectives from East and West.

  6. Low Carbon Devon- Climate Action: The Time is NOW

    NOW Partners’ partner Andy Middleton, CEO of TYF, joins Low Carbon Devon to speak at the event, ‘Climate Action: The Time is NOW.’


What's new with NOW

The time is now. The transition to a regenerative economy is not only possible, it is already underway. Stay tuned for updates about NOW’s latest events and initiatives.

  1. NOW Partners at Imece Summit

    How can we accelerate the proactive work of individuals and organizations towards transformation for better? How can we promote knowledge transfer and cross-sectoral cooperation for this purpose?

  2. Celebrating B Corp Month!

    Proud to be a part of the #BCorp Movement and celebrating #BCorpMonth! NOW stands behind B Corp standards on governance, impact on people and planet, accountability and transparency that are so essential to making the urgently needed Regenerative Economy of the future possible.

  3. NOW Partners at B Corp Summit Poland

    NOW Partners was pleased to participate in the First B Corp Summit in Warsaw! The B Corp Summit was designed and facilitated by BETTER., with partnership of NOW Partners and B Lab Europe.

  4. London Climate Action Week

    Inspiring NOW Partners panel discussion for London Climate Action Week! Featuring Marcello Palazzi, Hunter Lovins, Tom Cummings, hosted/facilitated by Tia Kansara of Replenish Earth.

  5. ‘Beyond the B’ at B Corp Summit Amsterdam

    Inspiring congregation of B Corp leaders, employees, and representatives from around Europe – gathered for the two-day event held in Amsterdam and hosted by B Lab Europe.